Welcome to Prapthi Ayurveda

Prapthi Ayurveda offers traditional Ayurveda in a modern environment. In this modern era people are running out of time. Due to their busy schedule they hardly get time to look after their health. We here in Prapthi helps you to overcome your health problems without affecting your work schedule and family commitments. For that we have blended the system of Ayurveda in its right way to make it more acceptable by the people of modern world.

In Prapthi we have  experts in ayurveda on various specialization both academically and practically, who have done their training under  renowned ayurvedic doctors and traditional practitioners. Here at Prapthi we blend together such refined result based ideas and techniques under one roof which is designed for the present day scenario and life style.

Apart from providing treatments for chronic ailments like asthma, arthritis, back pain, cervical spondylosis, diabetes, frozen shoulder, hair fall, myopia, knee pain, lumbago, migraine, obesity, paralysis, psoriasis, rheumatism. sciatica and sinusitis we also provide rejuvenation therapies which harmonizes mind, body and soul to make you look and feel young.

We specialize in stress management, weight management (both weight loss and weight gain), infertility, erectile dysfunction, gynecological problems, Pediatric conditions, cosmetology.